Where We're Headed In The Middle East

By Sonia Ahmed  |  18 August 2020   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been making news for opening its borders for recreational tourism. Until 2018, it issued visas only for pilgrimages, business matters, sports events, and foreign employees, but the country’s stance is changing.In 2019, the country issued over 24000

By Sonia Ahmed  |  1 September 2020   Egypt is home to one of the world’s earliest civilizations. The country has seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. There’s hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t know about Egyptian pharaohs and their magnificent rule.Ancient Egyptians were great warriors. They fought with whatever weapons

By Sonia Ahmed  |  20 August 2020   Pakistan’s cultural hub, Lahore, is at the confluence of historical traditions and modern lifestyle. According to the legends, Lava, son of Rama, founded this city, which later came to be known as Lahore after his name.Lahore was an important city during the Mughal

By Sonia Ahmed  |  17 August 2020   Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital, is the second most visited tourist destination in the Middle East. Pristine beaches and unparalleled hospitality await you if you plan to visit Abu Dhabi, the city of tolerance!The essence of Abu Dhabi lies in its historical Islamic

By Sonia Ahmed  |  27 May 2020   Located in the heart of Amritsar, the Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib is the pilgrimage center, Ath Sath Tirath, for the Sikhs and a world-renowned tourist destination. Also known as Darbar Sahib, the Golden Temple was first constructed in 1577. The building was

By Sonia Ahmed  |  30 October 2019   There’s more to her than meets the eye. Currently, an International Media Cultural Work student at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, Rameesha is the first Pakistani woman to become a certified kickboxing instructor.Her first brush with kickboxing came in her school, and she went on

By Sonia Ahmed  |  8 August 2019   One of the best kickboxers in Pakistan, Inam-ul-Haq, led a team of fighters to the World Martial Arts Summit in late December 2016. He debuted as an international competition, and his team won five gold medals as a New Year gift for the

By Sonia Ahmed  |  June 18, 2019   Amir Khan is a businessman, a philanthropist, a family man, and above all, one of the most successful boxers of his time.Amir Khan was an overactive and aggressive child. That’s why his parents had him join Bolton Lads Boxing Club to direct his

By Sonia Ahmed  | 1 April 2018   Bashir Somchai Ahmad introduced MMA to Pakistan in 2009. Today, a small but actively growing MMA school strives to make the people better and community whole.Bashir Ahmad uses the sport to empower young slum dwellers, mostly young men, to find purpose and direction.

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