Find Motivation to Lose Weight

Many people can lose weight on their own, but many other people need help. There’s nothing wrong with needing help and getting advice or accountability if it helps you achieve your goal and maintain the weight loss. The need for accountability and professional advice fuels an entire industry of health coaches.

Where to Start

Goal setting seems a bit simplistic, and it is the basic definition of what you want out of your life, your training, and your health. You can't arrive at a goal if you don't know where you are. Review some of the problems we have with different diet plans and causes of overeating. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge which ones apply to you. More than likely, several different ones will work.

Weight Loss Journal

A journal is an excellent place to start figuring out where your problem areas lie. Once you know where your problem areas are, you work on fixing them one by one. It is the primary tool for weight loss as it helps keep track of what you eat and how you feel.

Figuring out where you are is a challenge if you don't have a written record you can go back to review. By using a journal, you can keep track of all the little snacks and just exactly how many fruits and vegetables you eat during the day.

When you start using a journal, you become more aware of you're snacking habits and precisely what you ate. You can go back and understand where all those little indulgences originate.

We tend to forget grabbing the single piece of candy or a couple of chips in the afternoon. People think a little snack at night of a bowl of ice cream is smaller than it actually is. 

When you start using a journal, you become more aware of you're snacking habits and precisely what you ate. You can go back and understand where all those little indulgences originate.

But, the journal does more than that. It makes you aware. Being aware of our surroundings and what we are doing is paramount to self-defense and martial art training. If you don't know what you're doing, how can you defend against somebody else?

Most people are surprised by how much they eat during the day. Many people felt they ate half of what they did until they wrote it down.

Treat your weight loss journal as a weapon to wield against unnecessary eating.

While for Some Weight-Loss and Exercise Is Easily Accomplished Alone, Having Additional Support Can Really Push Others the Right Way.

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Weight Loss Books

There are millions of weight-loss books out there that tell you precisely what to eat to lose weight. They range from tremendously strict vegan diets all the way through to high protein, low-carb diets. Every single one of them has worked for somebody.

You should stick to reviewing diet books as suggestions rather than plans. What is decent about the diet they recommend? Does the food sound appetizing? Will you feel hungry on this plan?

There is no oversight on the publication of weight loss books. Anyone can write a book and have a published, but that does not mean it’s a safe or healthy diet. Review the questions we have in this article to see if any of the diet weight loss books you're looking at are sensible and doable.

Healthy diets all support eating the vast majority of your food as whole fruits and vegetables and whole cuts of meat. Any diet that cuts out complete sections of a food group, is exceptionally restrictive, or requires excessive counting (more than 5) are not healthy diets.

Weight Loss Groups

Support is one of the biggest things that will help you lose weight. Many weight loss groups can be found through various religious and social organizations. Many of them are there just for support and don't teach you about weight loss. If having the help and the advice of people who were going through the same struggles you are is essential, we recommend joining some of these groups.

But, be careful about taking some of the advice, however. Many people have good ideas of what to do for weight loss, but they may not be accurate.

Weight Loss Programs

There are thousands of health coaches online that claim to be able to help you lose weight. Most of them have excellent ideas and can help you achieve your goal. Again, just like the books, you need to take everything with a little skepticism. People who suggest expensive supplements, excessive or restricted diets, or unusual foods should not be heeded.

You want to choose your health coach or nutritionist wisely. Anyone can call themselves a health coach, there is no regulation over this term. In fact, for as little as $27 you can purchase a certificate to become a health coach.

Those with experience to help people have graduated from colleges and universities that offer programs in nutrition, herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, and holistic health. Many of these people are qualified to give dietary nutritional advice because they have the education and background and anatomy and physiology to know when problems are happening.

It is okay to get help and support from others when trying to lose weight. After all that is where we can step in for you.

Find Motivation to Lose Weight National Association of Nutrition Professionals

Seek out organizations such as the National Association of Nutritional Professionals, American Nutrition Association, the Nutritional Therapy Association, and the National Sports Nutrition Association.

These originations have standards for education and certification that ensure professional and accurate advice.

The generic term health coach can be purchased anywhere. These people are good at giving you accountability and motivation, but they are not experienced enough or educated enough to provide dietary or nutritional advice. If you need the motivation, these people can help you.

Clinical Programs

All hospitals and most doctor’s offices offer clinical dietary services to help people lose weight and overcome the disease. Many of the clinical programs are responsible for helping people prepare for bariatric surgery or manage disease. If you participate in clinical programs, the recommended approach is a focus on healthy foods and work with your doctor to determine the appropriateness of their advice based on your situation.

Working with Naturopaths

If you have access to a naturopath or nutritionist, we recommend visiting them to help you lose weight. If you do not have one, consider the following resources to help find one to help you.

Working with Sports Nutritionists

Sports nutrition focuses on working with people who have a higher demand for nutrients. These people tend to exercise a great deal and are competing at a higher level.

For the serious martial artist, you should visit a sports nutritionist occasionally to get a proper plan for maintaining your weight and adequate supplementation. These professionals will help you put together a program that works correctly for you and your individual needs. They can also advise on injury recovery and injury avoidance.

Many other specialists help in the area of sports and martial arts. Massage therapists, herbalists, rehabilitation therapists, and physicians all can specialize in returning an athlete to peak physical fitness.

Weight Loss Support Groups, Books, & Programs Offer Great Guidance

Stay Focused on Your Goals & Learn About an Exercise Regime that Right for You!

Exercise Is Critical to Weight Loss

Exercise is key to losing weight and keeping it off. It can be done anywhere, at home, at a gym, or even by hiring a personal trainer.

Many people prefer to exercise at home. Most equipment you’ll find a gym can be purchased for at-home use and there millions of videos on YouTube for exercise programs that range from cardiovascular to yoga to belly dancing to martial art classes.

If you find something you enjoy and you are consistent with, use it. Some people require the regimentation of formal classes to lose weight.

 Many gym memberships have classes in aerobics, cardiovascular training, yoga, and strength training to satisfy most people’s needs. Most gyms have free weights and equipment you can use at your leisure.

Personal trainers are also available at most gyms. They helped put together a custom plan and combine the motivation and accountability with proper training. The fastest and easiest way to build muscle and lose weight using exercise is with a personal trainer. However, personal trainers also the most expensive route.

You will need to decide how motivated you are to get in continuous exercise and what accountability you need. From there, you can budget your time and money to selecting the program that will bring you the best results.

If you are considering beginning an exercise or diet regimen, you should consult your physician. This site is not intended to replace your healthcare professional or disseminate any medical advice.