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Fighting Arts Health Lab is the premier strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery, injury management and lifestyle informational resource that helps align the body, mind and spirit of combat athletes who aspire to perform at the highest levels in their Fighting Art of choice.

Strength & Conditioning

Elite athletes consistently test higher because they understand endurance, speed and power are key markers for high performers. Understanding the science behind enhanced Strength and Conditioning is the first step to achieving it. This section will not only provide the foundational elements but the associated tools as well.


Hippocrates once said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food." It is a fact that a healthy body starts from the inside. Our Nutrition section is designed to provide the busiest person ideas on not only how to create an effective and efficient nutritional approach but to create and manage it with ease.


From time to time we all need to recharge our battery. The Training Recovery section provides an understanding between the link between rest and performance. Not providing the body adequate time to heal from continuous strenuous physical exertion over time can negatively impact performance.

Injury Management

It is inevitable that at some point in one's martial art career that an injury will occur. Your first point of contact should always be your medical doctor. The Injury Management will provide information on different parts of the body, common injuries and treatments.

Who We're Inspired By

Rickson Gracie Fears Dont Stop Death | Fighting Arts Health Lab

Where We're Headed

Japan Red Torii Gates | Fighting Arts Health Lab

Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine is located in Fushimi Ward in Kyoto, Japan. It sits at the base of a mountain and takes almost two hours to walk up. Inari is considered the god of rice but merchants and manufacturers have traditionally worshiped Inari as the patron of business.

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How We're Challenging Ourselves

Our mission is help advance and deepen your understanding of health topics that impact your martial arts performance. Every week we will post a new quiz that will challenge your understanding of conditioning, nutrition, recovery, and injury management to help raise your health IQ. From time to time we will also post quizzes on Fighting Arts lifestyle and culture to see how up to date you are on the latest trends.

Stuff We're Eyeing

Origin Gi | Fighting Arts Health Lab

From time to time we come across products or services, that we believe can help us get closer to that elusive goal of peak fighting performance. 

As such, we are sharing our findings with you because after all it is our mission to help you reach the performance results that you are striving to achieve. And sometimes along the way it is helpful to have reviews at your fingertips that you can count on.

Duration in minutes of the longest pro fight on record was between Helio Gracie and Valdemar Santana

Weight of Emmanuel Yarborough, heaviest pro fighter on record. A champion sumo and MMA fighter that fought in UFC 3 and Pride

Number of people the South Korean government estimated that practice Taekwondo in 190 countries

What We're Reading

Written by the 17th-century Zen master Takuan Soho (1573–1645), The Unfettered Mind is a book of advice on swordsmanship and the cultivation of right mind and intention. It was written as a guide for the samurai Yagyu Munenori, who was a great swordsman and rival to the legendary Miyamoto Musashi.

Soho was a giant in the history of Zen; he was also a gardener, calligrapher, poet, author, adviser to samurai and shoguns, and a pivotal figure in Zen painting. He was known for his brilliance and acerbic wit. In these succinct and pointed essays.

Unfettered Mind Writing of the Zen Master to the Sword Master

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What We're Watching

"Bunbufuki", a Japanese word loosely translated means budo and literary art go hand in hand. Training the body and mind is the essence of who we are as martial artists; yet, we also believe that relaxing and enjoying our free time gives meaning to our hard work. Our Lifestyle section is unique in that is solely dedicated to Fighting Arts culture and entertainment.

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