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Why So Many Martial Artists Have Diabetes

By Christina Major  |  9 June 2020   Curing type 2 diabetes is a challenge. And before we get too far into this, I want to make a little distinction between the two types of diabetes that are out there.Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition that usually sets in during

How Training Leads To Nutritional Deficiencies

By Christina Major  |  23 May 2020   When you go to the doctor and you just don’t feel right, the doctor is going to look for disease. Unfortunately, the doctor will rarely test for nutritional deficiencies and probably blame your ills on training. Problem is, many of the issues in

Ancient Martial Artist Cold Cures

By Christina Major  |  13 March 2020   Throughout the ages, the martial artist took care of his or her body because it was their most valuable possession. They chose to eat healthy foods in smaller quantities to avoid problems that came with overeating. Mainly, overeating causes sluggishness, which equals defeat.

Top Herbs for Peak Athletic Performance in Cold Weather

By Christina Major  |  16 February 2020   Springtime brings cold, damp weather to most people. It's a time when we want to get out and do something, train in the outdoors, and get started again. But, after a long winter, we might be faced with stiff, achy joints and a

Why Can’t I Lose Weight At The Dojo

By Christina Major  |  9 February 2020   Maybe your goal was to lose weight this year, and you started off really well. You ate salads, had fruit for snacks, and cleaned up your diet. Even started to feel good, with more energy, your pants fit better, and your training improved.But…

The Dangers of High Protein Diets

By Christina Major  |  23 January 2020   High protein supplements and shakes dominate the bodybuilding, weight loss, and martial arts communities. However, many of these only succeed in stripping people of their money and giving false hope. At worst, they're incredibly detrimental to a person's health.And you don’t build muscle

Quick and Healthy Meals before Martial Arts Practice

By Christina Major  |  16 January 2020   What you eat before martial art practice can make or break that day's training. If you're too full, you won’t train well. If you’re too hungry, you’re going to think more about what you’re going to eat on the way home rather than

Brain Foods for Training

By Christina Major  |  9 January 2020   What you eat has a distinct effect on how you train, how long you train, and your perception of your training. It can also affect your recovery time and your potential for injury. You really are what you eat.That’s why you want to

5 Diet Tips for the 2020 New Year

By Christina Major  |  2 January 2020   Over half of all New Year’s resolutions involve weight loss, getting in shape, or eating better. Because we train in the martial arts, we have to take care of our bodies to a better degree than most. Keeping a healthy weight, keeping up

What Causes Weight Gain in Martial Artists?

By Christina Major  |  24 October 2019   Though it is indeed hard to argue with the success of certain plump fighters, just imagine if the pudgier fighters get a little more trim and muscular? While their opponents seem too busy with cutting weight and refining their diets, while these professional

Chef Mario Limaduran Feeds Fighters

By Jordan Newmark  |  7 August 2019   What do the most high profile martial artists in the world eat? Whatever Mario Limaduran cooks for them.Officially announced in December 2018, the Ultimate Fighting Championships, through their Performance Institute, partnered with the “nation’s largest all-organic meal delivery service” Trifecta to feed their

You Can Lose Weight Even if You’ve Done These 15 Mistakes

By Christina Major  |  19 January 2019   You’ve tried, you’ve failed... you’ve gained it all back. Look, it’s not really your fault. There’s so many myths and legends that surround diets that it’s actually funny, once you lose the weight. Let’s look at some of the trends that people think

Why Are Martial Artists Fat?

By Christina Major  |  8 February 2018   We’ve all seen the happy Buddha-like Master teaching his class. He has several younger and fitter assistants showing off the techniques while the Master explains. Maybe the Master shows a technique. When did this become normal and accepted? In today’s world, it’s really easy to