By Lisa Stone  |  18 May 2021   

Recovery techniques cover many bases. You do not want to wait until you are injured to start thinking about it. In fact, using proactive or preemptive recovery methods daily is an injury prevention mechanism leveraged by elite combat athletes and is often what separates the fight dominators from the deeply disappointed.

Many professional combat fighters’ bodies feel like rock—hard, unyielding, inflexible—creating a vicious cycle of overtraining that ultimately leads to more tightness, injuries, and exhaustion.

Asa ‘Ninja’ Ten Pow is a competitive combat fighter with over 15 years of experience and believes staying loose physically and mentally is essential to winning. He knows this first hand from competing in many famous venues such as Muay Thai Icon Buakaw’s All-Star promotion and kicking serious ass in Thailand’s famous Lumpinee Stadium.

Ninja’s a Formidable Beast in the Ring with Energy to Burn

Ten Pow started martial arts training at the age of 5. His martial arts training included 8 step mantis kung fu, tai chi, staff, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,  Wing Chun, Boxing, Sanda/San Shou,  Kickboxing, MMA, and Mi Jong Lo Han.

‘Ten Pow trains intensively six days a week, twice a day. His body is powerfully muscled, combat-ready, and limber. It is not tight like a bowstring, ready to snap. Asa maintains flexibility, suppleness, and fluid movement a la Gracie. He utilizes both physical and mental approaches to staying loose. Ninja’ Asa Ten Pow radiates power, intensity, drive, and discipline.

Ninja stays LOOSE- that is Physically Limber 

How the hell does he do it? How does he stay loose under his grueling training, teaching, and work schedule?

Asa maintains this insane schedule by using various recovery methods, conditioning, body care, and daily stretching. This approach allows him to brutally train his body nonstop without risking injury or exhaustion.

RELAX for More Power!

Ninja uses multiple preemptive recovery techniques daily to empty his mind, discipline his emotions, revive his body, and stay loose, which is easy to say--hard to do—especially when your opponent’s fist is in your face! And that IS the point: managing to stay supple and springy under pressure makes or breaks your fight game.

That battle starts long before your feet ever touch the mat. Think about it…too loose, and you feel off--too tight, and you lose it all over the place as technique suffers, timing takes a dive and reflexes slow right before you do a faceplant.

"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the
bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.

Water Can Drip—Or It Can CRASH!” 

- bruce lee

Martial Arts Maturity 

Ninja Ten Pow coined the term ‘Martial Arts Maturity,’ which means integrating mental, physical, and emotional wholeness as a fighter and believes it can be achieved at any age. It is important to view yourself as a biodynamic machine that must be maintained at optimum efficiency level…you’d never skip oil changes or tune-ups on your car…your body is no different in terms of needing regular care.

The foundation of Ninja Ten Pow Martial Arts Maturity methodology is attributed to integrating his different training styles into one smooth fighting style—no style—as taught by Bruce Lee. Including: 

  • A martial artist is “stuck” if he or she has a ‘style.’ As Lee said, his style is “No Style” because no style cannot be predicted, guessed--or beaten.
  • Flow like Water,” since water constantly shifts, changes, and adapts, like the agile combat fighter who flows out of the danger zone--out of the strike path--into his ideal fight zone.
  • “Leave a Legacy,” which Ten Pow interprets as training others to further the art of combat fighting and martial arts.

Putting Martial Arts Maturity Into Action

Incorporating Martial Arts Maturity into a training regimen means gaining a complete understanding of body mechanics. The importance of warming up synovial fluid in joints, how the shoulder rotates, sockets, and pockets, how the knee moves back and forth, not sideways, spotting weak areas, and the dangers of improper technique.

It means realizing all muscles are rubber bands that need to be - stretched - regularly. If you leave a rubber band sitting too long, it inevitably deteriorates—our muscles work the same way. Utilizing the muscles consistently and correctly is critical for optimal health.

Martial arts maturity means keeping an internal focus that registers when you are hurting, not just sore, and helps you understand why you are hurting. It improves your fight game by going beyond the pushup, continually upgrading, and innovating your fighting skills and approach.

Ninja Ten Pow #1 Hot Stretch Tip

As a fighter, Ninja Ten Pow uses recovery methods and techniques every single day. Think of it as vital maintenance for your car – not enough time devoted to maintenance, and soon – your car breaks down. As a combat athlete, your body functions similarly to your car.

Ninja uses an essential fight hack daily for active and passive stretching of most parts of the body. It helps him remain fluid with power to burn, blinding speed, agility, and Zen calm.

He recommends overhead hanging motion to begin the stretching process. The video below will provide instruction on getting the most out of a full-body stretch.

Adding this intensified stretch technique into your regular training schedule will help revitalize your body. The simple act of hang-stretching regularly helps protect your muscles, ligaments, joints, and even internal organs from injury when used consistently.

A Home Gym Essential

You can do Ninja Ten Pow’s simple stretch hack anytime, anywhere – as long as an overhead bar is available. You may choose to invest in secure overhead pull-up handles like the Jayflex Fitness RYZE UPs Pull Up Bar Handles.

RYZE UPs can be installed in under 15 seconds; they have an innovative zip-clamp system that allows them to lock quickly and securely to your door. With the press of a button, you can release the zip-clamp and take them down.

They are made from a high-strength, fiber-infused polymer and can hold up to  275 lbs. RYZE UPs use the molding on the front and back of the door for added strength and stability.

Jayflex Fitness RYZE UPs Pull Up Bar Handles

In addition, they are travel-friendly, folding to the size of a book, and are TSA-approved. You can travel anywhere with these compact pull-up handles. RYZE UPs will make sure you never miss a workout, compliment your recovery regimen, and ensure you "Stay Loose to WIN!".

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About the author

Lisa Stone is a writer, artist, and dancer from the US who specializes in martial arts, health, and fitness. She began as a freelance ghostwriter helping authors with fiction writing and poetry then moved to online web writing. She’s addicted to sushi with ginger and wasabi, and martial arts films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Always an athlete, Lisa started martial arts training the week after an attack on the street left her feeling vulnerable, victimized, angry and helpless. Intensive martial arts training shifted that dynamic almost overnight. It was the excitement, fun, and camaraderie that kept her going back week after week to classes designed to test physical, mental, and emotional limits. And she’s still hooked—lol, pun intended! Find her at writesalternative.com.

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