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Trace the Gladiatorial Legacy in the Shadow of Ancient Roman Colosseum

By Sonia Ahmed  |  2 August 2020Soon after its completion, the gladiatorial games started in its arena and lasted for another 100 years. The gladiators were mostly the slaves or the prisoners of war. They were trained by Lanistas for fights and could earn dignity and honor by fighting valiantly.The gladiators who remained undefeated throughout

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Follow Red Square’s Cobblestone Paths to the Historical Trails of Russian Systema

By Sonia Ahmed  |  25 July 2020   Built in the late 15th century by Prince Ivan III (Ivan the Great), Red Square is Russia’s most famous tourist attraction. It’s the historical center of the country and came to be known as Krásnaya plóshchaď, meaning red or beautiful in the ancient Russian language.Over the centuries, Red

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Fine Tuning – Wing Chun Jazz Beats

By Lewis Budden  |  16 May 2020   From schoolyard fights to the Fretless Bass, how the Wing Chun Master, Trevor Ray, uses Jazz to further his practice. The following is an interview that Fighting Arts Health Lab conducted with Sifu Trevor Ray. Where are you based?I live in rural North Wales, United KingdomWhat Martial Arts do

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Train Like a Champion in North of England

By Lewis Budden  |  26 October 2019   Manchester, pioneers of the women’s right to vote, industrial pioneering and more recently, home to a new generation of MMA champions. But who are the people behind the champions? Where were they made into the global megastars of today? And how can you train like the champions of

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Why Manchester is the New Home of Wing Chun

By Lewis Budden  |  26 October 2019   Manchester, the UK’s second city. Mainly known to the world for its rock bands and football teams, the city is now basking in the glow of the modern MMA boom. Many different styles are being practiced across gyms and Dojos within the city, yet Wing Chun is perhaps

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An Outside View Of Da Dao: The Bulgarian Martial Art

By Lemar Morgan  |  29 August 2019   I’ve been soaking up the wonderfully rich Bulgarian culture whilst I’ve been living and working here for the past 8 years, and I love Bulgaria, but rather despairingly, there is an overwhelming common denominator that dwells beneath the surface of every day life here.Nothing–without exception–appears to be practiced

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The Rise of MMA in the UK

By Lewis Budden  |  1 August 2019   MMA in the UK has quickly blossomed into one of the most popular sports practiced. A recent UFC live event sold out London’s historic 20,000 person capacity Royal Albert Hall in a matter of minutes! Martial arts are more prevalent in England than ever, as the boom is

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NHS Endorses Martial Arts – Here’s Why

By Lewis Budden  |  24 July 2019   The UK’s National Health Services now publicly encourages martial arts as a form of keeping fit and improving health. Unsurprising to us, as most martial arts were a way to stay healthy and battle-ready for thousands of years.The NHS recently included links on its website that encourage people

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An Almighty Triumph for Russian Martial Arts Over Repression

By Lemar Morgan  |  15 July 2019   Cа́мбо (Sambo) or samozashchita bez oruzhiya: self defense without weapons.The foundation of Sambo in the 1920s against the backdrop of political turmoil and the Red Army’s unarmed combat preparations is an incredible story of survival and endurance. Two Russian martial artists, namely Viktor Spiridonov and Vasili Oshchepkov who were both recognized sports coaches

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Anne-Marie from Shotokan Karate Champion to Pop Sensation

By Lemar Morgan  |  2 July 2019   Anne-Marie was born in East Tilbury, Essex, England, to an English mother and Irish father, and although there’s nothing particularly remarkable about that, the principles and discipline she adopted into her lifestyle from Shotokan Karate was–in her own words–”all she needed for her music career to be successful.”Today,

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A Boy from Leicester England Discovers a Vegan Diet Made Him Stronger

By Lemar Morgan  |  9 December 2018   Inspired by the Roman Empire’s Gladiators and what they ate at the time, James ‘Lighting’ Wilks, a seasoned martial artist and former UFC champion, was astonished by what he discovered. What had initially started out as just intrigue soon became a journey of revelation, which would eventually pave

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Bartitsu – The Gentlemanly Art of Self-Defence

By Lemar Morgan  |  16 November 2018   The English are known for many things but martial arts aren’t one of them. However, there is evidence to support the notion that MMA was the invention of an eminent English engineer’s son. Typically, the English brought a sense of gentlemanly Edwardian etiquette to fighting, and in March

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Pammachon a Long-Forgotten Martial Art

By Theo Karasavvas  |  25 October 2018   A substantial amount of archaeological and historical evidence has shown that the ancient Greeks celebrated and practiced combat sports that were remarkably similar to many of the fighting sports we watch and engage in today. The Greeks considered combat sports a valuable tool to informally prepare young men for

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A Taste of Macedonian Originality

The culture of drinking beer is one that is very common in Europe. During the last decade, we’ve seen people turn to beer brewing themselves, making what’s known as craft beers. Craft beers are individually made beers, often in very small quantities which are becoming increasingly popular in the world.

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