By Sonia Ahmed  |  29 October 2019 

Practicing Taekwondo at the foot of Big Buddha is a humbling experience. The iconic Tian Tan Big Buddha statue oversees the stunning landscape of Lantau island on the western side of the Hong Kong peninsula. Complete with its unspoiled beaches, magnificent ocean views, picturesque villages, and serene hiking trails — no wonder it’s a traveler’s dream destination.

Tung Chung, a town on the northwestern coast of Lantau Island, is the gateway to Big Buddha. The 360 glass-bottom cabin car ride from Tung Chung is the quickest and the most scenic way to reach Big Buddha. A 10-minute walk away is the famous Po Lin Monastery, with its delectable vegetarian 

Po Lin Monestary | Fighting Arts Health Lab

cuisine, rich Buddhist iconography, and soothing scents. You can enjoy your day walking along the Wisdom Path and exploring the cultural Ngong Ping village. Then, take the same cable car ride back to the town.

Taekwondo in New Town With Hidden Old Fishing Villages

Headed by Master Cho Young Deuk, YD Taekwondo is located in Tung Chung town, around 23 km away from Tian Tan Buddha Statue.

This town has a strong heritage of old fishing villages dating back to the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD). You can still find long-standing fishing villages hidden among the green mountains and mangrove forests. The best way to explore these villages is through the biking tracks that run throughout the town.

YD Taekwondo operates in the Coastal Skyline ClubHouse, offering a breathtaking view of the sea. Master Cho Young previously offered his services as a Taekwondo Instructor in the Korean Air Force, and for the past few years, he has been giving Taekwondo training to the adults and kids in YD Taekwondo.

YD Taekwondo | Fighting Arts Health Lab

The trainers are highly professional and communicate in English, ensuring a culturally immersive Taekwondo training experience. At the end of an inspiring training session, you can enjoy your favorite Starbucks drink only a 10-minute walk away or visit Bermuda park to cool off and relax.

State-Of-The-Art Hong Kong Elite Spirit Taekwondo Club

If you visit the scenic isle of Cheung Chau, don’t miss out on training in the famous Hong Kong Elite Spirit Taekwondo Club.

A ferry ride away from the Lantau Island, Cheung Chau, is a small island known for its traditions and annual cultural festivities. The coastline spreads over a few kilometers lined with various seafood restaurants and cafes. You’ll want to explore the ancient temples and don’t miss the world-famous Cheung Po Tsai Cave, where pirates were rumored to keep their treasures.

Hong Kong Elite Spirit Taekwondo Club sits in the narrowest part of Cheung Chau Island, only a block away from the ferry pier. It’s a fully equipped Taekwondo center with instructors from all over the world. Since 2013, the club has been inspiring Taekwondo enthusiasts under the expert leadership of Master Gary Hui, 5th Dan and qualified to issue Kukkiwon black belt certificates.

Hong Kong Elite Spirit Taekwondo | Fighting Arts Health Lab

According to Grand Master Robert Stevens, 8th Dan, “Gary Hui is one of the true masters of Taekwondo”....... “If you have the opportunity to train under him, count yourself blessed.”

Cheung Do Kwan at Discovery Bay, Expat Center of Hong Kong

If you wish to taste a slice of home, visit Discovery Bay on your way to Hong Kong Disneyland. Build on the model of US suburbia, you will find Discovery Bay in stark contrast to the colorful and overcrowded Lantau or Cheung Chau.

The majority population is expats living their western lifestyle amid a vibrant Hong Kong. Although Discovery Bay isn’t much of a tourist destination, it’s home to one of the oldest taekwondo centers in Hong Kong.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced Taekwondo practitioner, Hong Kong Taekwondo Cheung Do Kwan has something to offer to everyone. Grand Master Woo Jong Pill holds over 30 years of experience. He emphasizes more on strengthening the spirit of Taekwondo within oneself than improving the moves and stances.

Hong Kong Taekwondo Cheung Do Kwan | Fighting Arts Health Lab

Courtesy, perseverance, integrity, self-control, and indomitable spirit are the front and center of the Taekwondo training at this center. The trainers are patient, fun, and full of energy. They communicate in English and encourage you to train at your own pace with the sole purpose of evoking the spirit of Taekwondo in you.

Training from the best taekwondo masters and enjoying a cross-cultural lifestyle at these spectacular locations is an experience not to be missed! Hong Kong is a cultural city with much to offer; Lantau trails are home to peace and tranquility while the towns are alive with nightlife, festivities, and rituals.

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