Recovery Posts

A chiropractor is basically a health care professional that specializes in spinal health, although they address all other joint issues and alignments, as well. A great chiropractor is going to help ensure quick recovery for any injury, but especially if

By Christina Major  |  2 May 2020   Dehydration in those that train extensively in martial artist and competitive fighters is rampant. Not only do fighters experience dehydration regularly, but many also dehydrate themselves purposefully to meet weight class.This practice has

By Christina Major  |  23 April 2020   Strained muscles and the summertime go hand-in-hand, unfortunately. More injuries occur to the weekend warrior at this time of year than any other. After relaxing for a long winter, people are now getting

By Christina Major  |  16 April 2020   When I trained in Japan, it was the middle of summer, and we were served hot green tea in the middle of the lesson and at the end of the two-hour class. Surprisingly,

By Lisa Stone  |  10 September 2019   Professional MMA living legend Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira is a 4th degree Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt who is one of only three men ever to hold championship titles in both Pride Fighting Championships

By Lisa Stone  | 23 July 2018   Bruce Lee epitomized the concept of flow while fighting. He has moments of absolute stillness balanced between moments of extreme explosive movement. The delicate balance of yin and yang was eloquently illustrated within